[Zope-PTK] changed ZServer port from 8080 to 80

Matthew P. Barnson barnboy@imall.com
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 17:17:43 -0600

  What port is your browser attempting to contact?  I've had some problems
before with it trying to grab invalid URL's and being a bit circular.  Here's
what I'd check for:

1.  z2.py: HTTP_PORT=80
2.  Make sure 'start' isn't starting it with -w {port}
3.  Make sure you don't have Apache trying to interfere -- normally one or the
other will bomb on startup, but if you have things CNAMED and doing vhosts on
Apache, it's easy to mess yourself up.  For instance, we run Apache and Zope
both on port 80 on the same machine, but with different IP addresses.  Apache
listens on the loopback port and the first IP, Zope on the second.  Tough to
explain that config to people.
4.  Try doing a "netstat" command to verify what she's listening on.
5.  Check the status line in your browser to ensure the ./manage link isn't
trying to go to some bizarre path

Good luck, let me know if I can help.

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, sareyn@franklincovey.com scratched this in the dirt:
> I changed the http port in the z2.py file to 80, instead of 8080.  It starts
> up fine, and I can access my portal, but I can't get my manage page to come
> up.  It just sits there saying"looking up host.... contacting host", but I
> never get an error message.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.
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