[Zope-PTK] PTK-based Discussions?

Alexander Schonfeld alex@garage.co.jp
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 11:29:25 +0900

> I've been reading the PTK archives, and was extremely happy to discover
> that the PTK now allows objects that are 'discussable'. According to
> what I read, this feature should be available in the CVS version of the
> PTK, but after downloading the new PTK from CVS, I can't find a way to
> create discussions using the Demo Portal. Is it just missing an
> appropriate wizard, or has my install gone wrong, or what?

Since each object is discussable:
	1. Create a user
	2. At left go to "My Stuff"
	3. Click on index_html for example
	4. At left you see a "Reply" and "View thread", those are your options...

Once you start "Reply"ing to objects it stores the messages in a
"Correspondence" folder in your home folder.  So each reply is
associated with the person who wrote it I guess.



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