[Zope-PTK] PTK - Putting it all together (2nd try -please?)

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:11:51 -0600

Dennis Nichols wrote:
> [I posted the stuff below several days ago and received one "that's a great
> question and besides..." answer and then an answer to the "besides..."
> part. But I still don't have my answer. Feel free to pick answers from this
> list, or make up your own:
>   - Your question is too stupid too answer
>   - You'll never understand. Retire and move to Florida
>   - The steps are ...
>   - You should hire <name> to help you
>   - You can only make demo portals, not real ones
>   - Nobody has figured it out yet
> As you can tell, I really need help. I know you (we) are all very busy, but
> I'll certainly appreciate any help that you can provide.]
> I need help understanding how to make this leap:


>     Given that I can successfully install
>     and run Zope/PTK/ZServer, how do I take
>     the PTK and make *my* site from it?

Basically, the same as the rest of zope. In the Portal, you will find
all sorts of methods, such as teh news method, 'recent_news', and
index_html. Modify these as you would any other Zope method. you can
also change basic appearance items, such as font, colors, etc. by using
css in the styles folder.

As far as creating your own portal, as opposed to using, you can look at
the 'Basic ' view of the portal form the management interface to see
what classes it uses, and create one form there.

Good luck, HTH.


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