[Zope-PTK] Simple loginmanager questions

Alexander Limi limi@ting.net
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 13:19:46 +0200 (CEST)


A few quick questions about the loginmanager:

1. How usable is release 0.8.1? I've downloaded it, but there was no
HOWTO, and I couldn't intuitively get it to do what I wanted (I am also on
vacation at the moment, and therefore a bit lazy :) What I want to do is
to create a standard user with a propertysheet attached. Would anyone care
to supply me with a minimal HOWTO, to get me started?

2. My alternative is to make a temporary solution, where I give each user
his own folder, thereby providing him with a propertysheet too. This will
be my own (proprietary :) code, but I would like to be able to migrate
those users to a loginmanager/PTK-compliant version later on. Are there
any obvious problems with this? Anything I should watch out for?

3. Are there any resources where I can learn how to use the loginmanager,
or is the source my best bet?

Thanks in advance,

(PS: CC me, as I'm on vacation with no access to the list ATM)