[Zope-PTK] PTK-based Discussions?

Paul Browning paul.browning@bristol.ac.uk
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 21:08:31 +0100

> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 21:10:33 -0600
> From: Bill Anderson <bill@libc.org>
> Organization: Linux in Boise Club
> To: zope-ptk@zope.org
> Subject: Re: [Zope-PTK] PTK-based Discussions?
> Alexander Schonfeld wrote:
>> > I've been reading the PTK archives, and was extremely happy to discover
>> > that the PTK now allows objects that are 'discussable'. According to
>> > what I read, this feature should be available in the CVS version of the
>> > PTK, but after downloading the new PTK from CVS, I can't find a way to
>> > create discussions using the Demo Portal. Is it just missing an
>> > appropriate wizard, or has my install gone wrong, or what?
>> Since each object is discussable:
>>         1. Create a user
>>         2. At left go to "My Stuff"
>>         3. Click on index_html for example
>>         4. At left you see a "Reply" and "View thread", those are your
>>         options... :)
>> Once you start "Reply"ing to objects it stores the messages in a
>> "Correspondence" folder in your home folder.  So each reply is
>> associated with the person who wrote it I guess.
> Yup, that works here.
> One problem:
> When clicking on 'view thread', I see a all teh replies of that member
> in a tree menu. It gets better. If I expand it, I am treated to a repeat
> of what I saw. Repeat ad nauseum.
> I'll see if I can glance around and figure out what is going on here.

Hmmm. Don't think I've seen that (yet).

May I make a general plea? When people report experiences with
the PTK can they specify what _role_ was assumed by the user
at the time (i.e. member, contributor, reviewer, manager)?

I recently reported some discussable object weirdness
to the Tracker (http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/85/1 )
along the lines of

"Guests can see a "View thread" link but
authenticated users who have the
role member can't. The problem
doesn't apply to authenticated users who
have the roles contributor, reviewer or
manager. "

This seems at odds with what is being described above, but
I may be out to lunch on this.


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