[Zope-PTK] FYI: Sad news for PTK

Matthew P. Barnson barnboy@imall.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 07:14:40 -0600

I mostly agree with Chris.  I think putting it up on SourceForge would be a
great idea (rather than trying to imitate Sourceforge in Zope) since they have
the tools and the orientation to taking care of open-source projects (ergo: you
don't need to build all the stuff to support the project yourself).
  When it comes to maintainers: Bugzilla, for instance, just recently switched
maintainers.  Mozilla.org still maintains full control of the source and has
ultimate authority on what will/won't go in, but they turned control of the
repository and bug-tracking to Tara.  She's been doing a pretty swell job. 
Who outside of Digital Creations has been extremely active in the PTK community
and could wrap her head around the code base?  Once you've figured out who the
most active contributors aside from Mike have been, choosing a maintainer
becomes a matter of finding out who wants the job.

  My company uses the PTK as a documentation repository for all of our
development and operations.  It's been reasonably successful, and has taken us
leaps and bounds away from our old model of documentation, where everybody just
stuck docs on shares on their hard drives.  Some still do, but a swift kick
every now and then helps them remember...  The project needs a maintainer,
and needs to continue pushing forward.  Slowing it down just because the
maintainer left would be a bad thing, considering the progress it's made and
the bugs yet to be fixed!


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