[Zope-PTK] FYI: Sad news for PTK

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin@texoma.net
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:19:44 -0500


A hearty thanks to Mike and my best wishes and prayers for him and his

I like the idea of opening up the process. I think it would be nice to
see DC take a more shepherding type role in the Zope process. What I
mean by this is DC not necessarily bearing total development load, but
overseeing (ie: shepherding) the process. This is somewhat like Linux,
in that their could be a hierarchy of individuals with certain authority
and privileges to do certain things. Sounds kinda like Zope. :)

DC can provide a structure in which people can contribute and
contributions would work up the hierarchy or not based the contribution.

The topmost individual can be a DC employee who oversees the project.
Under this person can be any number of individuals. As many as necessary
and as few as possible. Who are trusted by DC to make decisions and
contributions. Contributions by the general public can begin at the
bottom and work up. There could be tiered privileges, (sounds kinda like
'roles'). :)

I would like to see alot of the Zope process open up like this. I would
love to see this with the documentation. As I go through the docs I make
notes in my printed copies of typos and legacy data. I would love to be
able to check out the latest snapshot of the doc and commit some
changes. It wouldn't bother me if they had to be approved by a 'trusted'
individual first.

I think this could help out the docs. I think it would be nice if there
were a means to know where people were contributing. Say I had some time
and wanted to work on a specified area. If there was a place I could
note that I was working on said module, function, etc. then others would
either be able to avoid what I am working and choose something else or
contact me to collaborate. This could help spread the effort. What comes
to my mind is like a library. The librarian knows who's reading what
based on what they have checked out. 

This would be a nice feature to the bug collector. Warning I'm speaking
out of ignorance not having used it and knowing whether or not it has

Oh well. I've rambled enough. Hopefully y'all can make sense of it. :)

It's time to make lemonade.

Jimmie Houchin

Paul Everitt wrote:
> Howdy sports fans.  I'm a bit overdue on delivering this news.
> Many of you know that Mike Pelletier has been the primary developer and
> owner of PTK.  As I reported last week, Mike had to take some time off
> to take care of some family matters.  Unfortunately for all of us, the
> time away needs to be more permanent.
> First, I'd like to give Mike a big round of applause for taking charge
> of the PTK and crafting it into something truly engaging for the Zope
> community.  Mike has been wonderful to work with and has really shown a
> great touch in being engaged on this project and staying ahead of bugs
> and features.  I wish him the best of luck in his next step.
> However, this puts the PTK in a bad spot.  We at Digital Creations are
> growing rapidly, but we're still resource starved for community projects
> like this.  Bluntly stated, the prognosis in the very near term isn't
> good for us to be the sole developer of the PTK.
> Thus, there's a clear choice at hand:
>   o PTK cools off for some period of time.
>   o PTK becomes an Open Source _development_ project, with many people
> getting checkin authority.
> I'll leave the commentary out for this first round and open up the floor
> for comments.
> --Paul
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