[Zope-PTK] PTK Undo fix..

Otto Hammersmith otto@ipass.net
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 13:06:39 -0400

There's an entry in the Tracker for this, I think.


Unfortunately, it seems the Tracker doesn't let anyone but the owner and
submitter to add comments.  Someone from DC: how difficult would this be
to change?  If it's hard (or there's no time) can someone out here get
access to this kind of thing?

I would have added this information there, except I can't.  Doh.


Robert Towster wrote:
> I have been setting up an internal site using the PTK during the
> last couple weeks. One thing that didnt work for me was Undo. I
> am using .71 of the PTK. In my tweaking I managed to fix Undo and
> am passing along the fix for all to use..
> Anyway.. in PTKBase/PortalObject.py
>     def portal_undo(self, transaction_info, REQUEST=None):
>         """Perform undo and present portal interface
>         """
>         jar=self._p_jar
>         db=jar.db
>         undo=db().undo
> #        undo=Globals.UndoManager.undo
>         for i in transaction_info: undo(i)
>         if REQUEST is not None:
>             return self.portal_contents(
>                 self, REQUEST, portal_status_message='Transaction undone')
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