[Zope-PTK] [MAILING LIST] Reply To: field?

deano Deano@tomsnyder.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:05:03 -0400

I dunno if this is by design or not, but for all of my mailing lists but
this one, replying to a message automatically sends a message to the list*,
instead of the author. Zope-PTK, however, replies directly to the author by
default... I don't think we're getting so much traffic that it's a good
list-spam reduction method, and I know there are a lot of questions/issues
raised here by others that I'd like to see the responses to...

Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this.... Or maybe that's why there isn't
much traffic. I dunno. If the list maintainers are out there, just giving a
head's up.