[Zope-PTK] [MAILING LIST] Reply To: field?

Michael Simcich msimcich@accesstools.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 23:06:54 -0700

This issue gets reviewed periodically here, and I'm sure it's ok to give it
a quick review again. Having both addresses appear in the "Reply To" field
is done intentionally. Basically there are two schools of thought about list
"Reply To" fields. The one that's in play here ensures that the person you
are replying to gets your message even if they are only intermittently
connected to the list (although I'd still think it would make sense to have
the list appear rather than the individual's if a simply reply is
initiated). The other viewpoint favors using the list as the one and only
gateway in order to reduce traffic. There are probably other rational
reasons supporting either preference, maybe someone can hand out that url

Usually you'll want to hit "Reply to All". Sometimes I remove the
individual's address and send only to the list. Hopefully you can get used
to this list's pattern <g>.

Michael Simcich

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I dunno if this is by design or not, but for all of my mailing lists but
this one, replying to a message automatically sends a message to the list*,
instead of the author. Zope-PTK, however, replies directly to the author by
default... I don't think we're getting so much traffic that it's a good
list-spam reduction method, and I know there are a lot of questions/issues
raised here by others that I'd like to see the responses to...

Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this.... Or maybe that's why there isn't
much traffic. I dunno. If the list maintainers are out there, just giving a
head's up.


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