[Zope-PTK] FYI: Sad news for PTK

Paul Everitt Paul@digicool.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:09:51 -0400

Alexander wrote:
> Also, I am curious who is maintaining the ZCatalog stuff now?

Yes, as mentioned by Chris, we actually had _two_ folks named Mike
Pelletier working here.  The ZCatalog MP is usually refered to as
"Michel Pelletier", while the PTK MP used "Mike Pelletier".  Michel is a
full-time DC person working in our Portland office, while Mike worked
with us from Canada.

This is basically as confusing as it sounds. :^)

As for Michel (who can now go by Mike without a namespace collision), he
also does a whole bunch of other stuff besides catalog god: the
interfaces wiki, pitching in on ZEO, responding to billions of zope list
messages, etc.  Sometimes it seems like we have fifty Pelletiers running
around here. :^)