[Zope-PTK] [MAILING LIST] Reply To: field?

Neil Burnett neil@efc.be
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:14:05 +0200

Replying to a list has drawbacks when people use unintelligent or poorly
set up vacation autoresponders. It caused me so much trouble with my lists
in the past that I now make them all reply to sender as a matter of course.


At 10:00 27/04/2000 -0400, deano wrote:
>> Usually you'll want to hit "Reply to All". Sometimes I remove the
>> individual's address and send only to the list. Hopefully you can get used
>> to this list's pattern <g>.
>Yes, this works. Thanks! Though, I definitely agree with 'default reply
>should be to list'.
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