[Zope-PTK] automatically creating members

Ty Sarna tsarna@endicor.com
27 Apr 2000 14:25:18 GMT

In article <B52D33D3.1E28%Deano@tomsnyder.com>,
deano  <Deano@tomsnyder.com> wrote:
> > What I'd like to know is if there's a way that I can have all of those
> > people be members of my PTK portal without them actually having to sign up
> > manually. Their Zope password should be the same as their existing NDS
> > password.
> > 
> I'm trying to do the same thing, a bit smaller scale, but same idea. There
> are basically two options, which give you varying levels of happiness:
> 1) LDAPAdapter + NDS 8/eDirectory LDAP-served info
>   This is out now, not PTK-aware, but works if you have a lot of time to
> bang your head against the wall with NDS's implementation of LDAP.

We have an LDAPUserSource for LoginManager already in production here. 
It needs a little bit of cleanup and reorganization, some documentation,
and we have to fix a small bug in the ZLDAPConnection product, but then
we expect to release it.  Since it's a LoginManger UserSource, it will
get you propertysheet support and PTK-compatability.