[Zope-PTK] Help with member folders and links

Ivan Mackintosh ivan@rcp.co.uk
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:53:10 GMT


I am hoping that someone can help me with a good solution to this problem:

I am using the DemoPortal and one of my users wants to submit a document.
(Note that this document is one of my ZClasses.)
The document is then stored in this users workspace. However, this document
is co-authored by another user. Therefore, I would like some kind of link in 
the other users webspace to the initial document.

Getting link in the co-authors workspace doesn't seem to be a major
problem as I can either use the Link wizard or create a new ZClass with any
additional information also included.

The problem here is when I attempt to create the workspace view. What I want
to show in the workspace is a list of all of the submitted documents along
with some additional information about the document i.e. its Status.

When I create the link in the co-authors workspace I don't want to pass the
Status property in on the grounds that it is duplicating information and the 
status of the document will change.

I have tried storing the url of the document but when I try to access 
properties of it I get told that it is a string. I cannot convince Zope that 
it is an object. 

Any help appreciated for this problem. I have provided the entire scenario
rather than just the problem of converting a string to an object incase I am 
creating a solution that is way to complicated and you could tell me a simple
way of doing this.