[Zope-PTK] Re: [ZDP] Zope Documentation Portal Community Policy

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 15:28:15 +0200

>> However, taking into account the discussions about the Portal Toolkit
>> and documentation of the last few days, I have another proposal. Let's
>> make it an official Zope Community Policy (TM) to make all documentation
>> primarily available through the new Documentation Portal. 
>I think we should steer in this direction, but the first rule is Linus's
>of "Show me the code", and then we can talk about moving the whole process of
>Documentation to ZDP if all parties agree an this.
>I would like to develop this system like a prototype at first, and if it
>works, we can approach the Zope community and Digital Creations to ask them
>to make the documentation available via ZDP only.


>>How do we know what documentation applies to what Zope version?
>We have been talking about this, but we have not yet come to a solution.
>I don't think it would be great to add a version property to all
>documents. Instead, I would like to store the creation date explicitely
>and infer the Zope version from it.
>>What's the difference between the above and documentation that has been
>>corrected/abandoned because it was simply wrong/out of date and not just
>>for a version of Zope? 
>Wrong documentation can appear in the best content management system. As
>long as peer review does not take place bad documentation remains bad.
>We are planning a system where a Reviewer can select outdated stuff which
>will stay there for a while and be removed by an Approver perhaps after
>checking back with the Maintainer.

Another problem is that some things go along over several versions and
others not...

>> Nice idea, it looks something to the small knowledge base I've made.
>If I understand you right, the following ZClasses are
>the same in your KB and in the ZD Portal:
>TopicFolder = TKBCategory
>Topic       = TKBItem
>TKBCategory objects contain a string of the categories in which they exists
>TKBCategory objects contain TKBItem objects. The KBItems contain nothing.
>A ZCatalog searches for the TKBCategory objects 'category' property.
>A search for the category leads to the TKBItems by going to the TKBCategory
>Folders and listing all it's items ?

yup, but of course the items contains a property which holds the problem
and the items contain the solutions (a solution class) to this problem.

>> Generally I think it is a good idea to create the ZDPortal. However, I hope
>> the way to generate the hierarchy wouldn't be too difficult or to
>> slumbercome.
>The hierarchy is created on the fly while adding documents. The subject of
>every object is always the topic of the parent. Therefore you only have
>to specify a Topic. There are as many Topics to choose from as there are 
>Topics in the Subject it is created under. If the Subject or Topic does not
>yet exist, it can be created dynamically, successively building up a
>This process can be moderated.