[Zope-PTK] Re: [ZDP] Zope Documentation Portal Community Policy

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 18:06:22 +0200

Hi !

> However, taking into account the discussions about the Portal Toolkit
> and documentation of the last few days, I have another proposal. Let's
> make it an official Zope Community Policy (TM) to make all documentation
> primarily available through the new Documentation Portal.

I think we should steer in this direction, but the first rule is Linus's
of "Show me the code", and then we can talk about moving the whole process
Documentation to ZDP if all parties agree an this.

[rh]Yes, of course. But I've seen your efforts before, and I take the
quality for granted ;-)

I would like to develop this system like a prototype at first, and if it
works, we can approach the Zope community and Digital Creations to ask them
to make the documentation available via ZDP only.

> And, to get personal ;-), this would also mean that DC makes a commitment
> to do so. In this way we'd create the necessary clarity in Zope

It would be great if DC would collaborate more with the ZDP, but as long
as this is not the case, we can only do the second best thing, and provide
a solution that just links to what is available on zope.org. It would
be a big improvement even if noone collaborated, but let's not get too
pessimistic ;-)

[rh]Nothing pessimistic here, just the right time to kick this in once more.
I thought

>In other words, more than a change of policy in the ZDP, let's make the
>Documentation Portal thing for and of the whole Zope Community.


[Chris Withers:]
>How do we know what documentation applies to what Zope version?

We have been talking about this, but we have not yet come to a solution.
I don't think it would be great to add a version property to all
documents. Instead, I would like to store the creation date explicitely
and infer the Zope version from it.

[rh]Hm, fancy. Don't know if this is necessary though.

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