[Zope-PTK] LoginManager Grief

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Mon, 03 Jul 2000 15:15:35 +0100

Kevin Dangoor wrote:
> > Why isn't this MembershipZ.zexp thing included as default?
> It should be. Can you check it in to CVS?

What path should I check it in to?

There is no 'Membership' folder in the PTK CVS. Does anything apart from
this file ened to be check in?

> > PS: I hate products which require both .zexp and tarballs to be
> > installed. Thsi is seriously un-newbie friendly. Please comment in the
> > thread I'm trying to start in this area on zope-dev.
> I agree. That's why I think the main PTK product should look like the
> "convenience release" I built last week. Untar and go.

Hmm, how do you get around having to do the management interface import
for the zexps?
I'd be interested in your views in the thread I'm trying to start about
this on zope-dev.

> By the way, I'm starting a new job... so, I'm not going to be anywhere near
> as active as I have been...

That's a shame.

Well, Good Luck, hope you enjoy the new job :-)