[Zope-PTK] ZPatterns and DatabaseAPI

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 22:41:06 +0100

"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> >1. An object type called "Interface method", which would be addable to
> >ZClass definitions.  Thus we could write ZClass-based interfaces.
> >
> >2. A change in the ZClass UI that would make it easy to write method
> >implementations.  The developer would just subclass the interface and
> >instantly know what methods need to be implemented.  Note that
> >interfaces could be written in filesystem-based Python also.

> he
> would probably like the idea of being able to declare that a ZClass
> *implements* an interface.

Hmm, perhaps you coudl go into more detail on what there interface
objects are?

That said, there's a lot of _broken_ stuff in ZClasses that needs fixing
first before any functionality gets added...

 > >2. Rule-based local roles, which may take the form of "groups".
> >ACLManager could do something like this, but the idea that was brought
> >out today would be much more integrated.

Rule based-local roles sounds cool, can you give me an example of such a

From what I remember (sorry got pulled onto other less interesting stuff
:S) all that would be needed for the things I was talking about to work
was that roles needed to be assigned roles in the same way users can be
assigned roles.

Though if you do that, roles might beter be called 'groups' which si
what they kindof half are now...

Comments please... I'm going to try and keep up now ;-)




I'm not sure this will help on its own. At some stage I'm going to write
a proposal for DevHome to take a look at the whole Zope Templaet
Language problem. It obviously needs one, but DTML is out of control. It
either needs rescuing or a new language (Zope Template Language: ZTML:
<z- ;-) needs to be formed...

> >3. Standardization in method invocation semantics.  I struggled a lot
> >with the fact that DTML Methods are invoked one way while Python
> >Methods another.  I found a way to force DTML methods into obedience.
> >:-)