[Zope-PTK] Roles, Groups, Security and Group Membership

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 23:04:51 +0100

Monty Taylor wrote:
> but how could I give the user access to a 'Set Status' like
> method that
> is called in the context of that folder? 

> I think what I
> really want is for the status of a Portal Object ('Private', 'Pending',
> 'Published')
> to actually be affected by context. So that any given Object could be
> Published in
> "Marketing" but "Private" in the root folder. 

Now this is what I meant, thanks for finally getting it out of my

How are we going to do this as I think it's going to be a very common
business need, particularly in the PTK...

> I still think Zope could do with expanded Group ability... but NOT
> mandatory.

If it gets groups, they'll go in the core, but I expect there'll be
defaults to make it all btu un-noticable ;-)