[Zope-PTK] Membership system problems

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 05:35:22 -0600

kamon ayeva wrote:
> Hello,
> I have not yet looked at how things are setup in DemoPortal.
> But I am trying to use tazzzzz's Membership system based on LoginManager
> within a testing site on Zope 2.2b3.
> The site is basically :
> /acl_users (where I have a Manager user which owns all the Zope objects)
> /folder/index_html
>        /subfolder1
>        /subfolder2
> I add a Membership object in /folder with a Manager account (with another
> password) to manage folder.
> I was able to register a second user which I call 'toto'.
> But when I close my browser and go back to log in I cannot with either of
> both accounts. (Cookies are authorized on the computer.)
> What is the problem ?
> Where are the users' account information stored ?

Last I recall, Membership and PTK have not re-merged yet. Also, the last
I recall, Membership has to be installed in the ROOT, and can't be
installe din subfolder/subobjects at all. But, then again, the sun is
coming up and I haven't slept yet, so I may be a bit ....lucid(?). ;^)

Going to bed now....


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