[Zope-PTK] helping my decision

Steve Alexander steve@cat-box.net
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 20:10:04 +0100

Didier Georgieff wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to the PTK, and would like to have an advice from the PTK
> community about using actual PTK for a workable project before
> taking this road.
> From what i read in the wiki and archives, PTK is going to be under
> a major rewrite/design.
> Is it reasonnable to start working on a portal NOW with actual PTK
> and is there any major incompatibility with PTK future
> implementation ?
> If the response is reasonably "safe", i would take this PTK road
> (instead od collecting products and reinventing the wheel), and
> would be glad to contribute according to my young zope knowledge.

IIRC, Digital Creations are using PTK for some work they're doing for a
client. This has motivated the recent changes that Shane Hathaway
checked into the CVS.

It is usable, and it does mostly work. Just, there isn't much
documentation, and it probably isn't clear how to proceed with designing
a site that is too far different from the DemoPortal product supplied
with the PTK.

You haven't said what your Zope experience and Python expertise is yet.

In fact, it would be really helpful if you can answer the questions I
put to the last person to ask a similar question on this list:


You might find the discussion in this thread useful too:


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