[Zope-PTK] helping my decision

Didier Georgieff Didier Georgieff <dgieff@divinerites.com>
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 21:51:47 +0100

On 16 Jul 2000, at 20:10, Steve Alexander <steve@cat-box.net> (Steve Alexander) wrote:

> It is usable, and it does mostly work. 
That was my main concern.

> Just, there isn't much
> documentation, and it probably isn't clear how to proceed with designing
> a site that is too far different from the DemoPortal product supplied
> with the PTK.

OK. May be we can build an how-to in the process.

> You haven't said what your Zope experience and Python expertise is yet.
This portal will be for my spare time activity for putting together the net 
community around Australian rock, in an "open-source" way 'share gig, date, 
promo, etc ...) that are already in touch.

In the 'real' life i'm engaged in a big projet for government agencies in france and 
we will use Zope for that.
So my Zope experience is quite new (6 weeks) but Zope is so powerfull that i 
already built the shared adressbook quite easily (only DTML + ZSQL, no 
Python expertise at all).
So i guess it will improve with the time, or at least i hope so ;-))

 > In fact, it would be really helpful if you can answer the questions I
> put to the last person to ask a similar question on this list:
> http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-ptk/2000-June/001045.html
OK. I'll try to.

> What are you aiming to do?

this portal was inspired by the feeling that all of us (Australian 
independant rock) with on-line presences are basically pissing into 
the ocean in trying to get a decent audience, and I feel that we'd all 
have a better chance of "success" if some of us formed a 
collective, and pooled our  resources.

Idea, was for the portal to essentially be a very cool and vital
zine, with updated news, gigs information and reports and really 
good content, with an on-line shop, MP3s of the week and all that 
kinda stuff, a really great links section, (search able) and streaming 
audio of pre-recorded 'radio shows' of new releases and 
interviews etc. 
The Portal would be the absolute first stop for anybody wanting
info on Australian rock'n'roll. 

> How many users?
10 millions of readers, but may be less than 20/30 "managers".

> Do your users take on different roles?
Yes, but only for the "managers" with differents roles according to the section 
they have the managing role.

> When do you aim to deliver a working version?
ASAP. But we all have already some web site working, mainly by hand. 
Content is already there.

I guess the first working version should have the news/gig announce/new record 
announces/Listening section working.
And the rest will be added quietly while switching from the ancient web sites.

> How critical is the timing of the project?
No real pressure because it's an "open" and cooperative portal but the decision 
is NOW (technical architecture, design, hosting, switching, ...).

> What is your project team's background in developing software in Python?
at the moment the team is greatly composed by me ;-)
No python knowledge but other languages, so i can take the path. 

> What is your project team's background in developing software usingZope?
Quite new, but now involved professionally so should go better in a while. (if not 
i'll be fired ;-))

> How do you expect the system's requirements to evolve over the nextthree 
I don' tunderstand.
witch system ? PTK or my portal ?
I'm planning to add the missing functions i need as long as i know (and 
understand) how to be in the PTK framework.

The main concern is to be able to develop now and NOT to have to rebuild from 
scratch if major things changes. Small changes are unevitables and will be 

> Do you need to interface with external systems for authentication?
Normally no. (see up there)

> Do you need to interface with databases other than the ZODB?
May be, but not for the first versions, i guess the functions can be handle in 
ZODB nicely.

> Answer these questions and I'll try to give you reasonable answers. :-)
Thanks for that.

Didier Georgieff.

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