[Zope-PTK] content states

Steve Alexander steve@cat-box.net
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 20:53:51 +0100

Steve Alexander wrote:
> Portal Content with Multiple States at once
> -------------------------------------------

<narrative deleted> 

> I'm about to alter my own (slightly forked) version of PTK to try this
> out. Assuming this works, any thoughts about making this an official
> change?

Ok... it is all implemented (after some great fun with __setstate__ and

It works, and with minimal changes to the PTK. Tomorrow, I'll grab the
latest CVS, and produce a patch for it.

I can now run PTK's review state-based workflow in parallel with my own
independent state-based workflow. You can use the one keyword index in
the SiteIndex to search for items that match within either state

A few questions for discussion:

  * Does this multiple attribute thing really merit an interface of its
own, rather than just an attributes and a method or two?

  * Should this really be done with a Specialist, a PropertySheet and
some Methoids?
(That is, as a separate Product that will integrate via ZPatterns with
other systems. I think we'd need to move PortalContent over to be
DataSkins before this is feasible.)

  * What's the best namespace delimiter? I've used ":" for now, but it
does seem to get quoted on URL lines (although you can enter it into
Netscape's URL bar just fine). If having it URL-quote clean is
important, the delimiter could be "-" or "_". I like ":" though :-)

Steve Alexander
Software Engineer
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