[Zope-PTK] ZOPE PTK Usage

root feroze_arif@pacific.net.sg
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:31:30 +0800

I am a novice and would like to use Zope / ZopePTK to develop a document
management system for my organization.  Users would like to upload
documents to be shared.  A portal similar to enterlinux.com would fit
our requirements.

I have downloaded Zope (2.2) and the Zope PTK (both CVS versions
downloaded on 17/07/2000 - Membership directory is empty!!!) and am
trying to get it all to run.  The PTK demo version works but just
barely.  I keep getting "unable ot publish resource or error publishing
resource" etc whenever I try to add a new document.  Can anyone help me
with the above and with customizing the Zope PTK (How does one include a
feature like allowing users to select the category under which their
contribution is to be filed?).

Can anyone help me?  I would be very thankful if anyone could help me in
this regard

Seeking Your Expert Advice
Feroze Md Arif

P.S.  Please be warned that I am really a novice and may try your
patience with stupid questions.