[Zope-PTK] Ability to create Portal-Folder,-Files,-Documents

DETKE WOLFGANG wolfgang.detke@stawa.de
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:04:39 +0100


Im a newbie in Zope and try to make a Intranet-Solution for shared
For this, i have installed Zope 2.2 and the PTK on a RedHat Linux-PC.
I want to realize the following items:
some "contributers" can create Documents in the Member-folder
many anonymous-user can access these documents either by a menu-System,
linked to the member-folders of each contributers, or 
by search-form.
Now I want to make some Fortal-Folders for a file-structure.
In the member-folder I can create a "Portal-Folder" and "Portal-Document
...", but if i change into this folder, i can 
only create "Folder". If I try to create a portal_document in this "folder",
the portal_document was moved ( or saved ) in a higher-folder
I have checked the rights and permissions, but without any solution.
The folder-structure in the intranet should look like this:

                          |                        |------------secret
                          |                        |------------in progress
                          |                        |
                          |                        |
                          |                        |------------for_my_group


What rights, permisson or else must I set to get the ability to create many
portal-folder under teach member-folders.

By the way: in CSV there are many changes *.py files from the PTK. Can I
still overwrite older files with newer or is there a install-procedure?

Any tips are welcome

Virus-Check OK.