[Zope-PTK] content states

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 21:09:51 +0100

"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> For the SWARM model Ty and I were working on

Where can I find out about the SWARM model?

And, I don't know how this fits in but here's my spin of workflow and

1. For each object you have a single to-do list, which is the workflow
that object passes through

2. A to-do list may be ordered or unordered. If ordered, you may only
proceed to the next item in the list when the last has been completed,
if unordered, the list is completed when all tasks in it have been

3. Each item in a to-do list may either be an action that must be
performed or another to-do list.

I can't think of a workflow pattern (other than looping - rats ;-) that
can't be created from these principles...

If you have actions that may be performed in parallel, you put them in a
sub-todo list that is unordered, stuff that has to be performed in
sequence goes in an ordered list.

Steve's example can be expressed as follows ( '-' seperates ordered, ','
seperates un-ordered)

review, feedback, nuditycheck, violencecheck

pending - public

unreplied - replied

unchecked - passed

unchecked - passed

...which might be a bad example, I know :-) If you'd like me to come up
with a better one, let me know... ;-)

Can this kindof workflow be supported with the system you're talking



PS: Feel free to tell me I'm off my head, but as long as you tell me