[Zope-PTK] Latest Zope PTK

David Shaw David.Shaw@alcatel.com.au
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:31:57 +1000

Greetings all,

I'm trying out the Zope PTK for the first time under Zope 2.2.0.
I downloaded the 0.7.1 snapshot and found that the PTK creation
wizard fails with:

	Error Type:  Invalid Index Name
	Error Value: Cannot index fields beginning with _

From what I can tell from the mailing list, this is because I
don't have the latest PTK.

If this surmise is incorrect, please let me know and what my
problem is.

If I do need the latest PTK, then I'm in trouble as I can't
use remote CVS through our firewall.

Therefore could someone who has the latest code, please tar/
gzip it and e-mail it to me (and not the list). Don't all
e-mail me at once! How about only those actively involved with
the PTK's development do it. I'll e-mail the mailing list when
I've received a tar ball, so check your e-mails for that
message before e-mailing me the src. This should hopefully
minimise e-mail traffic.

Thanks in advance,


David Shaw, Alcatel Australia Limited     david.shaw@alcatel.com.au