[Zope-PTK] Howto for installing ZopePTK development release on Linux

kamon ayeva kayeva@hotmail.com
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 11:55:44 GMT


This is an effort to put together a howto for using the current PTK + other 
related packages. Unfortunately, I was unable to install it on Windows, so I 
don't have a solution for the other people.

!!!! Start

The current PTK infrastructure is composed of the following product 
- PKTBase, PTKDemo, and ZCallable + the DemoPortal.zexp available in the 
- LoginManager
- ZPatterns

For running on Zope 2.2 without a problem you need the latest release of all 
these products.

1. Thanks to Jim Tittsler <jwt@onjapan.net> you should be able to get an 
updated tarball built from the CVS (updated after each change in the CVS) at 

2. Untar it and copy its content (the actual product subdirectories) to your 

3. Copy DemoPortal.zexp to your .../import

4. Now, download the latest LoginManager and ZPatterns.

5. For LoginManager, you just need to untar it to your Products subdir.

6. For ZPatterns-0-4-0a5, the package includes a C extension called 
'DynPersist' which must be built before the product can be used. So after 
untaring it to the Products dir, you need to build this extension using the 
included 'Setup' file in the ZPatterns directory.

Copy a 'Makefile.pre.in' to the directory, and then do a
  'make -f Makefile.pre.in boot' followed by 'make'.

[note: As a non linux devel pro, what I did was to go and look in the binary 
provided by Nick Garcia at 
for the version 0.3.0, get the Makefile.pre.in from the package and copy it 
over to my installation. Then the 'make' build worked for me. Maybe there is 
a simpler solution ?]

7. Restart Zope to have all these products installed. If you get no error, 
you are almost OK.

8. Get to your Zope management interface and import DemoPortal.zexp to 
Control Panel/Products. If you get no traceback, the installation in itself 
has gone right.

!!!! Optional

Now, for people most interested by using the PTK's Membership facility 
without the complete PTK, Kevin Dangoor aka tazzzzz has packaged up a couple 
of products you need to install on top of the previous discussed 
infrstructure. This package in turn depends on the PythonMethods product.

1. Just download the Membership stuff via 
ttp://www.zope.org/Members/tazzzzz/Membership/Membership-0-6-0.tgz/, and the 
PythonMethods latest version from Zope.org.

2. Install the products as usual. (Membership tarball will unpack in 2 
products Membership and MembershipZ in your .../Products dir.)

3. Restart Zope and get to the management interface. You will find the 2 new 
products + PythonMethods product in the Control panel/Products.

4. MembershipZ is a ZClass based product that can be customized. There is a 
bug for compatibility with Zope 2.2 which Itamar Shtull-Trauring 
<itamar@maxnm.com> has solved.
Go inside its folder and edit the Python method which id is 'doInstall'.
In this method, the code extract

  usource='Persistent User Source',
  lmeths=['Basic Auth Login', 'Basic Cookie Login'],
  loginf=0, logoutf=0, forbidp=1)

...should be replkaced by the following one:

  usource='Persistent User Source',
  lmeths=['Basic Auth Login', 'Basic Cookie Login'],
  loginf=0, logoutf=0, forbidp=1)

5. Finally you can try to add a Membership System at the root (via the Add 
button). It will replace the existing acl_users folder with the new system.

6. After adding the new membership system, close your browser, and go back 
with 'www.myzope.com/manage'. Good suprise: you reach a page where you just 
have to enter the management user login you registered when installing the 
system (step before).

!!!! End
Comments and additions for more light welcome.


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