[Zope-PTK] Missing function in Membership.PersistentUser

Fabio Forno sciasbat@cselt5.polito.it
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 12:30:09 +0000

kamon ayeva wrote:
> Thanks Fabio.
> Could we put a little howto on using the Membership system, and also the
> Wizard product for those who have already some experience on these setups.

At present I haven't much experience, I'm just trying to figure out how
all the thing is working ;) Anyway I'm starting to get some
enlightenment about the ZPatterns/Membership system and succeding also
in some bug fixing...

I understand (it's my personal experience) that this system has a very
flat learning curve, due to the lack of documentation,  and I'll be very
happy to contribute in adding some.

I'm wondering whether it's possible to find some deeper information
about The ZPAtterns/LoginManager architecture (i.e. some UML models) in
order to better understand it for writing this HOWTO (as I've already
said I'm learnig too...)

Fabio Forno