[Zope-PTK] PROPOSAL: Splitting ZPatterns into two products

Steve Alexander steve@cat-box.net
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:08:18 +0100

"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> Many people have suggested splitting out the PlugIns part of ZPatterns as a
> seperate product for general Zope use.  In addition to this, it is becoming
> clearer to me as I work on docs, etc., that there really is only one thing
> left in ZPatterns after you take out PlugIns, and that is DataSkins.
> (Pretty much everything else in ZPatterns only has meaning in relation to
> DataSkins.)
> So, I am thinking perhaps I should split ZPatterns into two products:
> PlugIns and DataSkins.  The DataSkins product would require the PlugIns
> product.  LoginManager would require both.  For backward compatibility,
> there would need to be a "final release" of ZPatterns which contained stubs
> to load in classes from their new locations, so that existing objects
> stored in ZODB's would not be "broken".  Newly created objects, of course,
> would refer to the new products automatically.
> The term "ZPatterns" would then go away, which is just as well because it
> doesn't really mean anything, anyway.  :)
> Please let me know if you have any comments or questions on this.

I'm all for this proposal.

The only problem I see is that the work of updating the developer
documentation on the Wikis, and putting "historical documents", like the
IRC chat transcript, in a context where they make sense.

I'm willing to spend some time on the documentation work.

Steve Alexander
Software Engineer
Cat-Box limited