[Zope-PTK] No access to created portal

Shane Hathaway shane@digicool.com
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 15:16:31 -0400

Brun Eric wrote:
> Hi, I had this problem for my own PTK Project:
> I couldn't transfer its from Zope 2.1.6 to Zope 2.2.0
> I had look for a CVS version of PTK and I found one.
> Then I replace my PortalObject.py file by the CVS PortalObject.py file :
> I corrected some lines that didn't run with my version of PTK
> and Now my PTK run on 2.2.0 !!
> I hope it's clear and help you

Are you saying you modified the version in CVS?  The PortalObject.py
you sent is exactly the same as the CVS version.