Michael Bernstein webmaven@lvcm.com
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 10:52:14 -0700

Chris Withers wrote:
> Michael Bernstein wrote:
> > The way I see the naming issue (as a longtime user of
> > Squishdot, and a longtime observer of PTK) is that 'the PTK'
> > is the set of tools/products that would replace PTKBase.
> > After all, PTK stands for 'Portal Tool Kit', so it should be
> > a set of products/tools. So you would still 'download and
> > install' 'the PTK'.
> Hmm, perhaps this is an issue for the Installation System proposal on
> dev.zope.org?
> Given the way things are going right now, 'The PTK' won't exist then ;-)
> [snip]
> SO 'The PTK' would actually be a collection of Zope Products...

Yes. In other words I'm using 'Portal Tool Kit' in it's
literal sense to mean 'a set of tools'. The original PTK was
more like a swiss army knife: Handy to have in one place,
but the individual tools were a bit awkward to use.

> > PTKDemo, once everything but the superficial UI has been
> > shorn off and refactored into the PTK products, should
> > probably be implemented in pure DTML, since UI is what DTML
> > is for, and should then be renamed 'PortalDemo' or
> > 'PortalFramework' or if you want to be verbose
> > 'DemoPortalFramework'.
> Agreed...
> > Squishdot should also be reimplemented in DTML, since
> > everything other than it's UI should be encompassed by the
> > new products in 'the PTK'.
> All the bits that would make up 'Squishdot' are curerntly written in
> DTML ;-)

I know, I've done some customizing (of the appearance
mostly) myself, you can see it at http://fiawol.com. It's
been up for almost a year now. Never did get a lot of
traffic, mostly because I didn't promote it much...