[Zope-PTK] Refactoring warning...

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 22:30:52 +0100

Bill Anderson wrote:
> Well, Kevin is pulling the Membership stuff off his section, so ... ;)

My point was that there's no link to Membership from the PTK product
page or Wiki AFAIK.

> As far as the overall 'current status' of the PTK, wasn't there a PTK Weekly News thingum
> like the ZWN? What happened to it? ...Seems it is in the PTKWiki, but couldn't it be
> mailed to the list? Would anyone object to that?

There is now a PTK section ZWN, which I think covers this, but neither
and that or the mailing list provide the kind of permenant record you
need for people to reference for things why where to get teh latest

> AFAIAC, given the current 'alpha' status of the PTK, IMO, you should be on this list if
> you are using it. Of course, the PTK pages should reflect the current moving target/alpha
> status of PTK right up front.

Fair comments :-)

> We do need a summary of the current status, as there are a number of different goings-on.

Here here :-)

> Of course, I think a problem we have suffered is the blurring/confusing of the difference
> between a portal, and a community site The PTK as currently done, is not a portal site,
> but rather a community site. 

Also a fair point...

> Portals are gateways to other places, and communities are
> places where you have 'members' that can contribute and participate. Of course, one of the
> latest buzzwords is 'vortal', a vertical portal. A vertical portal is like a cross between
> a portal for a specific topic (say, Role Playing Games), and the community of people
> intereste din that topic. (Yes, you could say I've had too much training in this field ;).

Erk :S 

> For example, www.yahoo.com is a portal. clubs.yahoo.com is an attempt to get into the
> community side of things. technocrat.net is a vortal. It serves as a portal for technology
> information, and as a community of persons interested in the field able to discuss related
> topics. IME, this confusion has slightly hurt the image of the PTK in at least one
> corporate environment (where they have the money to send people like me to training on
> things like this).

Mayeb it should be called the CPTK because you can actually build either
communities or portals with it to the same extent right now :-)

> Perhaps something that needs done is to clarify the intent and purpose of the PTK.

Give it a crack :-) How about in dev.zope.org?