[Zope-CMF] Questions from a plone newbie

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 11:38:10 -0600

>> Can anyone give me some info (Or even better tell me
>> where to look at docs/manuals) for how to customize

show me money and I will create docs/manuals ;)

>> the appearance of the front page of Plone/CMF?  I'm
>> not talking about skinning.  I'm talking more about
>> removing and adding things.

that 'is' the skin.  look at plone_templates/main_template.
main_template will basically show you each 'slot' that is defined.  and what
slots it uses by default.

>>  i.e. default plone comes
>> with an about section, etc etc.  Where would I find
>> out how to add a new section on the front page?

you find out by experimentation ;)

if you want to add a section on the left/right columns look at
if you want to add something in the header (tabs for instance) look at

Plone is open-source and benefits from community involvement.  If you are
interested in helping
ala writing documentation or in any other capacity, I can give some
guidance.  Other than that, you
need to bone up on PageTemplates and CMF before digging into the guts of
Plone.  or maybe not ;)