[Zope-CMF] Re: [Zope] Use the source Luke -- what could be done to help documentation process? Request for comments!

Jo Meder jo@meder.de
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 01:29:54 +0200

Sorry, but AFAIK crossposting is frowned upon on these lists, so I
removed the general zope list (since cmf is at the center of my
attention at the moment).

Am 02.04.2002, 01:04 Uhr
	schrub Heimo Laukkanen <huima@fountainpark.org>:

> I am no frigging genius,

Neither am I, just for the records.

> For example by writing summaries of our problems and solutions, 
> and storing them in some good format with good metadata so that the 
> searches will find them better than now. 

On many mailing lists it is good practice to send a short summary of the
solutions received as answers to a question posted to the list.  I think
this is a viable method for a number of reasons. 

The most important reason is: If I mail a question to the list, I have
an urgent problem that I cannot for whatever reason solve on my own. If
I can derive a solution from the answers, there is an instant feeling of
gratefulness and a (varying) desire to give something back to the
community that so generously helped me to overcome my problem. So I'm
more motivated than if I worked out something on my own.

Since I have learned a lot from just reading this great list I volunteer
to be a collector and organizer of solutions.

> But where and how?

I'm open to any suggestion. For a start some FAQ-like setup would IMHO
be most appropriate and I'd be happy to build and provide a site for
that. But there are certainly many websites that are already established
for purposes very similar to this one. 

Happy zopeing,


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