[Zope-CMF] VirtualHost Logs Out users

Cindy Reikes creike@yahoo.com
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 17:16:26 -0800 (PST)


I am new to Zope, and need to set up ProxyPass and
VirtualHostMonster to route requests from Apache to
the existing IIS server (this works) or to Zope. The
Zope pages show up, but after sucessfully logging in
as superuser, I am logged out at the next page I go
to. I've looked at dozens of docs on this (even found
one that talked about this issue, but the solution
didn't seem to apply - something about trailing
forward slashes). 

Here is my httpd config:

<VirtualHost www.foo.com>
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^/(.*)

I added a VHM to the root of my Zope and I can see my
pages, but no editing. I've also tried ProxyPass with
the same results. Help!

TIA, Cindy

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