[Zope-CMF] New Portal types question

Kevin Carlson khcarlso@bellsouth.net
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 18:40:31 -0500

I am creating a new portal type using the following method:

 - From the portal_types 'contents' view, I add a new instance of a
"Factory-based type information" object.
 - I give the object an ID and use CMFCore:PortalFolder as the default type

After the object is created I click on the instance and edit the properties
so that the Title and Metatype fields are "XYZ".

It seems that the type is created ok.  The problem occurs when trying to
iterate over ONLY the new object type...

I changed the default skin to iterate over items of type "XYZ" instead of
type "Portal Folder" and nothing is displayed.  If I am reading the
documentation correctly it says that the expression "objectValues" takes as
its argument a meta-type, however, "XYZ" never returns anything.  If I
change the dtml-in statement back to "Portal Folder", the objects, and many
others are also returned.  Example:

The statement below returns nothing
<dtml-in expr="objectValues('XYZ')" sort="Title">

This one returns 'XYZ' and others
<dtml-in expr="objectValues('Portal Folder')" sort="Title">

What can be changed in the type information to get the first statement to
work?  If that isn't possible, how can I filter the first statement on the
metatype field?