[Zope-CMF] Workflow - Publish All Objects in Folder

Roel Van den Bergh roel@planetinterior.com
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 14:55:26 +0200

>So, here's what we were looking for: Your installation is confused wrt
>workflows. I had this error once. Turned out to be py-Files only partly
>replaced by new versions after upgrading to some newer version of CMF
>You could try to move your current CMFCore and CMFDefault to some save
>place, install a clean CMF1.2 and retry.

I'll reinstall CMF 1.2 and have a look
While this site is still indevelopment I'm running it locally with no
external access

>OTOH it could be some problem with your settings/configuration inside
>the CMF-site as well.
>> What version of CMFCore are U using? Mine is 1.2beta (according to
>> version.txt :-))
>1.2 (no beta). But the script worked with 1.1 as well. Is there any
>chance for me to have a look at your server? Perhaps I could help some
>more if I had a look at the thing.

Maybe I can persuede my boss to temporarely setting up a 'real' Zope server
with external access, but keeping prior disasters moving CMF sites from
server to server it would take a while setting up these things