[Zope-CMF] Adding a workflow to the CMF

Wendy Langer wlanger@bigpond.net.au
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 18:36:21 +1000


I am having problems adding a new workflow as per the example in
DC_workflow.pdf tutorial


I use the "add workflow" button, and add a workflow of the default type.
This new workflow appears beneath the default workflow in the


However when I click on it, there is nothing much inside! Rather than having
8 tabs(ie properties,states, transitions,variables,etc) as in the screenshot
in the tutorial, it only has 4 tabs  - properties, undo, ownership, and

Then I had a look at the default_workflow which came with the CMF site, and
there was nothing inside that either...

So I'm not sure what to do next, any help greatly appreciated :)

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