[Zope-CMF] Re: Adding a workflow to the CMF (Wendy Langer)

Lynn Walton waltonl@franklin.edu
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 11:44:40 -0600

I had a similar problem once with tabs not showing up for portal_types and it was
because I had joined the portal with the same username/password that I used as
manager in the ZMI.   When I was logged into the portal, it "shadowed" my ZMI
manager username/password therefore not showing me all the options that a manager
would see in the ZMI.

Could you be logged into the portal as a member, with the same username/password
as your ZMI manager password?

Here was Tres' explanation to me after I described it to him.

: The issue is that the "new" user you created is "shadowing" the existing
: manager of the same ID.  Because they both have the same password, the
: "nearer" one is found, but has only the "Member" role within the context
: of the CMF Site;  she can therefore see only what members can, even in the
: ZMI.

: The solution here is not to join the portal using the same user ID as
: your main Zope account;  you should be able to operate normally within
: the site without joining, when authenticated as the manager.  You can even
: toggle a switch in the MembershipTool's ZMI Configuration tab, which will
: create a folder for your non-member manager when she authenticates.

Hope this helps,

> From: "Wendy Langer" <wlanger@bigpond.net.au>

> I am having problems adding a new workflow as per the example in
> DC_workflow.pdf tutorial
> http://www.zope.org/Members/hathawsh/DCWorkflow_docs
> I use the "add workflow" button, and add a workflow of the default type.
> This new workflow appears beneath the default workflow in the
> .../portal_workflow/directory
> However when I click on it, there is nothing much inside! Rather than having
> 8 tabs(ie properties,states, transitions,variables,etc) as in the screenshot
> in the tutorial, it only has 4 tabs  - properties, undo, ownership, and
> security.