[Zope-CMF] failIfLocked problem

Kevin Carlson khcarlso@bellsouth.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 14:54:32 -0500

There is no Error Type or Error Value shown on the page.  In the same place
that "Metadata changed" is usually displayed in bold red type (in the basic
skin) "failIfLocked" is displayed instead.

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Subject: RE: [Zope-CMF] failIfLocked problem

Kevin Carlson writes:
 > ... "failIfLocked" exception ...
 > The metadata_edit_form is what was returning the failIfLocked exception.
What is the precise error?

Usually, it looks like:

  Error Type: ....
  Error Value: ...

Then comes a traceback.

Error type and value and at least the last couple of traceback lines are
essential to analyse problems.

 > ...
 > Are there particular rules regarding inheritance for new ZClasses?
Should I
 > not inherit from CMFDefault:DefaultDublinCoreImpl in certain instances?
I do not know. Especially, I do not see why it should harm to
derive from this class.