[Zope-CMF] Latest Stable Version

Tres Seaver tseaver@zope.com
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 09:05:05 -0500

Dennis Allison wrote:
> I am about to lock into one particular version of CMF so I can get some
> development done.  Is it the consensus of the group that the CVS version 
> as it exists today is significantly better and more stable than the 1.2 release,
> or is the converse true?  
> Much as I like the feature set of Plone, I'm a bit wary based upon a couple of
> comments on the list suggesting perfomrance problems.  And I had problems with
> the version I installed.  What's the consensus about Plone's performance and
> stability.  And what version?

I just released the first beta of CMF 1.3 on Wednesday.  It is already stable
enough for us to be deploying in a consulting gig Real Soon Now;  I expect to
do one more beta next week (the 1.3 branch is now "feature frozen".).

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