[Zope-CMF] Latest Stable Version

Florent Guillaume fg@nuxeo.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 20:55:03 +0000 (UTC)

Tres Seaver  <tseaver@zope.com> wrote:
> I just released the first beta of CMF 1.3 on Wednesday.  It is already stable
> enough for us to be deploying in a consulting gig Real Soon Now;  I expect to
> do one more beta next week (the 1.3 branch is now "feature frozen".).

Well, too much work on my side means I'll get my features in for the
next versions... :)

However I stumbled on a bug in the recent CVS changes.
http://www.zope.org/Products/PTK/Tracker/497 :

  The new global_allow feature of the Types Tool doesn't work if you have
  a type whose title (human readable information) is different than its
  portal_type. Which is very common in non-english based countries.

  This is because allowType does in essence:
          return contentType in self.allowed_content_types
  where contentType is a portal_type, but allowed_content_types does
  contain human-readable types. Which is very very wrong.

  The fact that allowed_content_types contains human readable types also
  causes other problems: whenever you change a type's title, you must go
  reselect the correct values in all types that had filtering on that one.

  Finally, on this subject, I don't see why Type is catalogged, where
  Metatype would be the correct one...


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