[Zope-CMF] Local role search and email address lost

Jens Vagelpohl jens@zope.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:20:04 -0400

unfortunately the form that is used to do the search and assignment of 
local roles is not part of the CMFLDAP package, so the form you see is the 
standard form bundled with CMF. customizing the form and retrieving the 
email address by using getProperty( 'email' ) or something like that might 


On Thursday, April 11, 2002, at 01:17 , Cravoisier Thierry wrote:

> Hi again about LDAP...
> When I search a user on LDAP to assign him a local role I don't get his
> email address (in the search result).
> In my LDAPUserFolder configuration, in the users tab, when I search for
> a user I get his email.
> In the LDAP schema, I added this attribute and used "email" for the
> "Friendly Name" and "Map to name".
> What's wrong ?
> Thanks
> Thierry