[Zope-CMF] Changing existing member's email address

Steve Arnold sarnold@arnolds.dhs.org
13 Apr 2002 10:22:43 -0700


I searched through the CMF dogbowl and read the (short) FAQ, but I
didn't see anything specific to this; I also browsed everything I could
find in the ZMI and portal interface, but I couldn't find any visible
member property where their email address is stored.  I could alsmost
believe CMF forgets the initial email once the notification email is
sent to a new member, but it has to be somewhere in order for the
"forgot my password" thing to work.

What if I need to change a member password?  Eg, if they enter an
incorrect password on the portal registration form and the bounce shows
up in my mail server, I can send the email to the correct address, but
where do I change it in the portal member data?  It has to be stored in
the ZODB somewhere, right?

Thanks in advance, Steve