[Zope-CMF] Nested CMF sites, acquired skins and protected sites logout

Cravoisier Thierry thierry.cravoisier@st.com
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:48:49 +0200

Thanks for your suggestion, but I think I found a very easy way to solve
my problem thanks again to acquisition:

In the "standard_top_bar" method I changed the portal_url to
absolute_url so that all search, members, news..
are made by acquiring skins (method) from my root CMF site in the nested
site I am.
I did not change the portal_url for "home" link so that when I need to
go back at the root CMF site, everything works fine.

Acquisition is so powerful !!!

Thanks again 

dieter@handshake.de wrote:
> Cravoisier Thierry writes:
>  > ....
>  > I need my skins to be acquired in my nested CMF sites:
>  > - I removed the "portal url" tool from the portal root folder for each
>  > nested site
>  > - I removed the "portal skins" folder from each nested site
>  > It seems to work fine (but...)
>  > ...
>  > I need to continue to use the CMF-site local Zcatalog to find local news
>  > or documents in my nested sites BUT since I removed the skins, I acquire
>  > it, and don't search in the proper catalog.
> What Catalog you get should be independent from the "skins" tool (because
> you get it directly from the portal, not via the skins tool).
> What should matter is the URL you use to search.
> There is also a possibility that the Python script that does the
> search uses "container" rather than "context" and then would
> get the outer portal.
> Dieter
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