[Zope-CMF] Reference Implementations using Zope and CMF

Grégoire Weber gregoire.weber@switzerland.org
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:32:02 +0200


all of you have implemented or are implementing sites with zope and CMF.

I would be interested to be pointed to some of your sites to build a
list of reference sites based Zope and CMF for a potential client in
the banking sector. 

I have myself implemented a CMF-prototype for a own project last summer 
but it's only a prototype not beeing tested under load. A CMF based 
site for the Zope User Group Switzerland is planed for this summer but 
not yet begun.

References to sites having a lot of users, high load and/or managing
a big amount of object are apreciated.

Sites I know:

   - http://www.zope.org (obviously)

   - http://cmf.zope.org (dito)

   - http://www.zopezen.org (dito)

   - http://www.zopera.org

   - http://cbsnewyork.com (CMF based?)

I would post the refrence list with a few explanations to the cmf-list.
But only if the list does not have more than 20 entries ;-). 

Thanks in advance, Greg

Grégoire Weber