[Zope-CMF] Non-standard metadata

David Harvey (Hamish) david.harvey@bristol.ac.uk
17 Apr 2002 13:52:57 +0100

Two questions about the metadata tool.

1) If I want to use qualified DC elements, say to use the Subject
element with the narrower definition of Discipline, would I call the
element DisciplineSubject? Or Subject.Discipline? Or is there no
accepted standard for qualification?

2) Once I've created my new metadata element, how do I get at it? Using
the normal Subject, the following TAL presents a list of valid subjects
to choose from (at least it does within Plone, and I wouldn't like to
say how much is Plone-specific). Unfortunately, just changing Subject to
DisciplineSubject only works in the listAllowedVocabulary call. Any
pointers to where I need to be looking?

        <div class="row">
            <span class="label">Subjects</span>
            <span class="field">
                <select name="subject:list" multiple size="5"
                        tal:define="contentSubject here/Subject;
                    <option tal:replace="nothing">Type 1</option>
                    <option tal:replace="nothing">Type 2</option>
                    <option tal:replace="nothing">...</option>
                    <option value="subj"
                            tal:repeat="subj allowedSubjects"
                            tal:attributes="value subj;
                                            selected python:subj in
contentSubject and 1 or 0"
                            tal:content="subj">Type N</option>
            <span class="info">
            Select all titles that apply to this item. These areas
            correspond to the main site categories.


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