[Zope-CMF] Point of publication

Kevin Carlson khcarlso@bellsouth.net
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 17:59:10 -0400

Reviving an old thread...

I have been able to modify the DefaultWorkflow.py source to accomplish
moving an object to a different folder on publication.  Now that I am
finally getting around to attempting to do this with a script, I am having
some trouble.  Any sample source available?


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Kevin Carlson writes:
 > Is it possible to change the point of publication of a CMF type?  For
 > example, I want to give everyone the ability to create new events in
 > "My Stuff" Folder but want the final event objects to be published in a
 > common folder named "Events".
Install DCWorkflow.

Modify the "Publish" transition such that the object is copied into
the "Events" folder. You use a script for this purpose.