[Zope-CMF] moving CMF from win to linux

Roel Van den Bergh roel@planetinterior.com
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:04:28 +0200

Because i had this problem before and nobody could help me here is a tip on
easily migrating all your stuff from one system to another.

First make sure you have the same Zope, CMF and other products on both
It can be a real pain in the ass (excuse me for the expression) having
different versions of the same product running on your systems.

Copy Data.fs from win/../Zope/var to whatever/../Zope/var and restart the
When you check your CMF site chances are great everything you altered/added
is there but it does only show errrors when viewing the contents.

Check the default folders of your portal_skins. Hey they are empty!
here comes the trick

When you view the Properties tab of lets say Generic you will see something
like this

Filesystem Path: lib\python\Products\CMFDefault\skins\generic

under Linux that should be:

Filesystem Path: lib/python/Products/CMFDefault/skins/generic

(notice the different direction of the slashes)

Hit the Update button 'et voila' everything is back like it should be
Change all the Filesystem Paths and no hard work anymore.

This should go in a How To I guess :-)